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rotary dehumidifier

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product structure

The dehumidifying system consists of a dehumidifying rotor, a transmission mechanism, a housing, a fan, and a heater. According to customer requirements, we can design, develop and manufacture.

product principle

Rotary dehumidifiers are dry dehumidifiers that utilize the hygroscopicity of certain solid desiccant materials for dehumidification.

The dehumidifying rotor is divided into a treatment zone and a regeneration zone by a sealing system inside the dehumidification section.

The dehumidifying rotor rotates slowly at a certain speed to ensure that the entire dehumidification is a continuous process.

When the processing air passes through the processing area of the rotor, the water vapor therein is adsorbed by the desiccant in the rotor. At the same time, the water vapor undergoes a phase change and releases latent heat, and the rotor gradually becomes saturated due to the adsorption of moisture.

The processing air becomes dry, hot air due to its own moisture reduction and latent heat release.

In the regeneration zone, after the air passes through the heater, it turns into high-temperature air and passes through the saturated rotor which has absorbed water, so that the water that has been adsorbed into the rotor evaporates, thereby restoring the ability of the rotor to continue absorbing moisture.

The regenerated air is changed into wet air by evaporation of water, and then the humid air is discharged out of room through the regeneration fan.

The rotor keeps rotating and repeats the process above to ensure that the dehumidifier keeps stable dehumidification.


Notes:service life of rotor

    Dehumidification rotor performance is subject to long-term aging changes. According to different use environments, different conditions for treating and regenerating air, its performance and efficiency are also different. If the air is  clean, the performance will be reduced by approximately 10% after the continuous operation for 24 hours for 5 years.

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